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Postural Unlocking

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Sitting for hours every day at a desk or at a computer can quickly destroy your posture, leading to a rounded upper back and shoulders. This then causes secondary compensations in the neck and lower back that are root cause of stiffness and pain in these areas of the body.

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This class is dedicated to showing you how to unlock your postural cage and free your body. It is called 'Yoga for Better Posture'.

This class is designed to work alongside any Yoga or Pilates class and to complement any form of physical therapy. The techniques are however unique and their results cannot easily be achieved through any other discipline.


Is your body starting to mould to your chair?

Sitting in chairs and working on computers can quickly contort your body, rounding your upper back and shoulders, leading to a stiff neck and secondary low back problems.

This six-week course at the Morgate Light Centre acts as an antidote to these problems, teaching you exercises that will reopen your posture.


Our bodies are designed to regularly move. Sitting in tense, static postures all day causes the supporting muscles to become chronically knotted and our bodies to become moulded to the shape we sit in. Gradually our biomechanics become altered, creating stresses throughout our bodies that contribute to aches and pains and predispose us to further injuries. Regaining a normal posture requires a careful and sustained unravelling of the compensations and stiffness.

will re-educate your body with a routine designed especially to release tensions held in your upper back by using specific tools to break down adhesions – you will learn how to be your own osteopath.

This course is essential for anyone who works in an office.

No understanding of Yoga is necessary.

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