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Holistic Health Screening

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Our holistic health screening would normally cost at least £300 elsewhere but at the Light Centre we charge just £90. It includes:

  1. Blood tests
  2. Physical exam including posture, flexibility and body composition
  3. System functioning
  4. Digestive, dietary and nutritional analysis
  5. Mental wellbeing assessment

After you've completed the assessment your results will be instantly displayed on your own 'online health record, dashboard' page on this website.

You will then be invited in for a FREE one-hour personal health planning session where you will go through the screening results and put together your own tailored programme, including whichever optional modules fit with your health goals.

Each year you are free to come back to be screened again and thus add more data to your profile. Gradually as this builds you will be able to see how your health is progressing, what problems you still need to work on and how best to optimise your health.

Your General Health Practitioner (GHP) will also be able to give you advice on the best additional classes, therapies, workshops, courses and information to help you further meet your targets.

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The Light Programme is the best way to improve your long-term health; our health screening allows you to target improvements, the planning session gives you a set of annual goals and your General Health Practitioner helps you achieve your goals.


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