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Holistic Health Screening

Finding out how healthy you actually are will give you targets to aim at on your programme.

Enlightened Thinking

What is life really about and why is it so hard to be healthy and happy?

Postural Unlocking

Unlocking the postural tensions associated with sitting at desks and working on computers.


Learn how to bring your mind back to the present moment and banish fears, worries and anxieties

Healthy Eating Parcels

Being supported in following a diet full of live, fresh, natural foods

Kick-Start, Reboot Weekends

Every quarter we run a weekend urban retreat at the Moorgate Light Centre for Light Programme participants to kick-start their plans and bond with other people on the course.

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The Light Programme is the best way to improve your long-term health; our health screening allows you to target improvements, the planning session gives you a set of annual goals and your General Health Practitioner helps you achieve your goals.


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