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ABOUT The Light Programme AND OUR GHP service

The Light Programme is a chance for you to be one of the 1% who's health is getting better every day rather than the 99% who's health is getting worse!

Our health screening and planning process allows you to see where your health is deteriorating fastest and thus where you need to make improvements. It is a dynamic rather than static process, so after doing the screening two or three times we can also predict where your health is going in the future. 

We believe that annual health screening and planning sessions are essential for anyone who wants to remain healthy in this challenging world.

Alongside the screening and planning, our general health practitioners also oversee multi-disciplinary protocols for dealing with physical pain, digestive issues and work/life balance issues. The GHP helps you put together the best stratgey, offers their own core support and also pulls in the best therapists and teachers to make sure that the plan works for you. It is our most comprehensive method of overcoming common health problems.

Finally our GHPs can directly offer you unique methods of maintaining good physical, biochemical, mental and emotional health, including a daily routine for minimising postural problems caused by desks and chairs, mindfulness training to reduce mental stress, a daily food parcel to help you eat better and a 'rediscover your rhythm' practice to bring fluidity back into your body and your life.

The GHPs and their programmes are based at the Light Centre in both Victoria/Belgravia and also in the heart of the City of London (Moorgate).

For more information or to book a health screening, call Belgravia on 0207 881 0728 or Moorgate on 0207 628 7780.

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The Light Programme is the best way to improve your long-term health; our health screening allows you to target improvements, the planning session gives you a set of annual goals and your General Health Practitioner helps you achieve your goals.


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