Light Programme

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  • What is the Light Programme?

    The Light Programme is your chance to be one of the 1% of people who are proactive about their health and thus getting better rather than worse every day.

    The Programme starts with a unique health screening and planning process to help assess which parts of your health you need to work on most and gives you your very own General Health Practitioner to support you in working on all aspects of your health.

    Your GHP can also offer you multi-disciplinary protocols to help you overcome a range of common health problems.

  • Programme Format

    A programme starts with a health screening and planning process that costs just £90 (or comes free with the Light Centre's Ultimate Health and Corporate packages)

    This gives you a plan to work to and your own General Health Practitioner (GHP) to act as your guide and coach.

    You can then add core modules and protocols to your programme to deal with specific issues. For these your GHP will pull together the best therapists and teachers to support you and give you the best chance of returning to and maintaining good health.



Register here then call reception for a GHP appointment.


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The Light Programme is the best way to improve your long-term health; our health screening allows you to target improvements, the planning session gives you a set of annual goals and your General Health Practitioner helps you achieve your goals.


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